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          5 Thru-Hikers on What the Trail Taught Them

          5 Thru-Hikers on What the Trail Taught Them

          Thru-hikes are transformative experiences. Here, five long trail alums share the wisdom of those miles.


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          The Hiker Who Never Left

          When CDT thru-hiker Cionnaith "Lucky" O'Dubhaigh stopped to resupply in Lake City, Colorado, he was just looking for a short rest. Instead, he stayed and turned his new home into one of the best trail towns in the country.

          Rainier Climbers
          Survival Stories

          Pinned to a Mountain By a Storm

          Mountaineers Yevgeniy Krasnitskiy (39), Vasily Aushev (35), Constantin Toporov (37), and Rus Khasbulatov (33) survived a days-long storm on Mt. Rainier in June 2019.